Aesthetic Pruning and The Essence of a Tree

What is Aesthetic Pruning?
Aesthetic Pruning is the art of revealing the essence of the natural beauty of a tree.  We, as the pruner, help the tree to reveal itself and enhance its character. This journey is based on horticultural knowledge.

There are many different ways to prune aesthetically.

Pruning can be done:

  • Based on the overall context of the garden, house and space. If there is a tree, there must be a garden. If there is a garden, there must be a house. If there is a house, there must be space. Perhaps there are also neighbors, a large building, or other adjacent scenery.
  • Based on the location of a tree, the sun, shade, soil type, and age of a tree.
  • Based on the role of a tree in a garden, e.g. as a focal point, a backdrop, or between them as a transition.
  • Based on what a client desires, e.g. some may favor the thickness of a tree or some other aspect of a tree that they like.

What is the Essence of A Tree?
Japanese Maples can evoke a lot of feelings. Japanese Maples and Ginkgo trees both have very unique leaf shapes.

Some trees, such as Japanese Black Pines and Cork Bark Pines, have very significant bark texture. The main essence of Camellias, Magnolias, Dogwoods, and other flowering trees might be its flowers.

When pruning young trees, the first step is structural / functional pruning to help a tree fit into its environment before reaching the aesthetic goal.  It is a way of helping the tree achieve it on its own.

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