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Here you will find links to other resources about Japanese maples and horticulture.

  • Mountain Maples - Providing maples to maple lovers, collectors, gardeners, artists and designers since 1990.
  • Merritt College Landscape Horticulture - The Merritt College Landscape Horticulture Program and its facilities are among the largest in northern California. These facilities include 5,000 square feet of computerized greenhouses, a 5,000 square foot lath house, floral and drafting lab, library, a rapidly expanding arboretum, and the most up-to-date horticulture equipment. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in all the major horticultural disciplines, including landscape design and construction, nursery and greenhouse management, floral production and design, turf management and arboriculture, to name just a few.
  • Aesthetic Pruning Club of Merritt College - The Aesthetic Pruning Club was founded in 1998 to support aesthetic pruners in Northern California.  The club is dedicated to sharing information among pruners and enhancing  our community through caring for public  plants and gardens.
  • Berkeley Horticultural Nursery - Offering top-quality plants of all types to the public; to collect and disseminate information on anything garden-related; and to provide a pleasant atmosphere in which to browse through an array of horticultural products & accessories.
  • Blackhawk Nursery - A retail nursery and garden to inspire you by offering a diverse selection of high quality ornamental plants.  They specialize in Japanese maples, dwarf conifers and other less commonly available trees, shrubs and ground covers. All of their plants are rich in texture and color and will bring year round interest to your landscape.
  • Hakone Gardens - A tranquil place of peace and harmony. Come experience Hakone Gardens, the oldest Japanese-style residential gardens in the Western Hemisphere which encompass eighteen acres of magnificent beauty nestled in the verdant hills of Saratoga.
  • The Japanese Garden Database - The Japanese Garden Database is a repository of information on the historical and contemporary gardens of Japan as well as the gardens located outside Japan that have been inspired by the culture.  It is a non-profit, educational web site that seeks to provide information on a selection of outstanding examples of garden art found in Japan while juxtaposing a diversity of media related to them. This juxtaposition brings about fresh insight to a body of discourse that can often be mired in romanticized and exoticized notions of Asia and the cultures therein.
  • Japanese Garden Journal - A bi-monthly English-language print publication dedicated to the special world of Japanese gardens and Japanese architecture. Their links page has many related resources.
  • San Diego Japanese Friendship Garden - The Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego has roots in the 1915 World Exposition.  After the Exposition, strong community interest kept the Japanese Tea Pavilion open for thirty years within Balboa Park, San Diego's Culture Center. With the development of San Diego's Sister City relationship with Yokohama in 1950, forty years of gift exchanges followed, kindling feelings of shared ideals represented by the Japanese Garden.
  • The Maple Society - A society catering to and fostering interest in maple trees, founded by Doug Goodyer, Superintendent at Hever Castle.  its objects are to encourage the cultivation of maples, enable members to learn from each other about their propagation, cultivation, introduction and identification, and facilitate the study of the botany, uses and cultural needs of maples.


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